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Meet Our Team

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Carol Cannon Hopkins

Carol is our expert administrator and overseer.

This superwoman manages the farm and its staff, guides tours of the property, oversees all activities, and answers any question you can think to ask.  Carol's goal is to give clients the best experience possible on the day of their celebration.

She is also an excellent vocalist and the proud "Gammy" of an adorable baby girl who is the first of the eighth generation to live on the farm.

Margaret Taylor

Venue Photographer 

Margaret Taylor

Part of the seventh generation to grow up on the farm, Margaret graduated from Clemson University in 2018.

As our social media marketing and copywriting expert, she creates engaging content to expand the venue's online reach.

Her goal is to share the beauty of the farm with others and cultivate meaningful connections with clients, vendors, and photographers. You'll also see her giving tours, taking pictures, and answering emails.

Margaret loves spending time outdoors with her Goldendoodle, Evie. 

You can view her photography and book a session here!


Venue Coordinator 

Heather Cannon

Heather works closely with clients to understand their needs, wants, and concerns. Her focus is setting a clear purpose and objectives for each occasion to make it effortless and stress free for clients. Heather has over six years of experience in coordinating high scale festivals, social events, and weddings. 

Contact Heather Cannon for any questions about our venue at


Assistant Tour Guide


Sadly, our 13-year-old lab, Blackie, passed over the rainbow bridge, joining his pal, "Buddy," on December 9, 2021.  We will think of him every time we give a tour.

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